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The Youth Bowlers Tour goal is to provide opportunities for advanced education through bowling.

This year the YBT awarded nearly $36,000 in Scholarships!

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It is with regret that the YBT Directors have made the decision to cancel the remainder of the season. We greatly appreciate all of our bowlers and parents who make this tour a success every year. This year has definitely brought many new experiences and challenges and we thank you for all of the support.

We are in the process of finalizing the year end season points and bookkeeping and expect to have all scholarship awards to the SMART accounts by early June as usual.

In following the USBC’s example for JR. Gold, we will be submitting scholarship dollars to those bowlers who would have won spots on our season points system as the year-end funds allow. These will also be in the accounts by early June. We realize this does not replace the experience but you earned the opportunity, so you also earned the reward.

We are planning a live stream of the Mega Raffle and announcement of the Jack Moran Scholarship winners on Saturday May 30th at 2PM on our Facebook page. HOWEVER, we need some additional information and actions from our bowlers to help us be sure it is complete. PLEASE READ BELOW AND SHARE WITH ANY FRIENDS OR FELLOW YBT BOWLERS.

JACK MORAN SPORTSMANSHIP SCHOLARSHIPS - We have lowered the number of tournaments entered to be allowed to vote from 6 to 5 to maintain the need to have bowled half the tournaments. A tournament Director will be contacting those eligible to obtain their votes. Voters can vote for a bowler in each division as we will be awarding an award for each division.

MEGA RAFFLE - If you have tickets and have not sent them in, we need to receive them by May 15th. Please send them to: Cindy Burnett at 508 Hamlin Park, Shortsville, NY 14548.
If you had not yet received your pack of tickets, please send an email to and we will send them to you. Winners will be responsible for arranging the picking up of prizes.

GRADUATING SENIORS/AGING OUT - We want to recognize you and know your plans. Please send us your plans. If you are going to college, tell us where and what you will be studying, will you be bowling, and any scholarships you will be receiving. If you are aging out, please provide us with your name as well. Please send this information to Please send by May 15th so we can recognize these individuals during our live-stream on May 30th

We wish everyone a safe and healthy spring and summer and hope everyone can be back bowling soon and we will be back for next season. The most important thing at this time is to continue the social distancing, assuring everyone’s safety and to continue the flattening of the curve.

Please send any questions to us at

Thank You from the YBT Team -
John, Mimi, Cindy, Kayla, Michele, Charli, Brad, and Jon B.

Scholarship dollars will be awarded in each division according to the number of entries.

With 32 or more entries, 8 places will be awarded. With less then 32 entries, 4 places will be awarded

1st $150 scholarship
2nd $100 scholarship
3rd-4th $65 scholarship
5th-8th $50 scholarship

Classic, Scratch and Handicap Brackets are also run in each event. All money collected is awarded as scholarship money.